Travelogues / Between Bali and Bellenden / Bogor

Bogor is an amazing place. It has some of the tallest and oldest trees in the world. Trees so high you can’t see the top of them. Buttress roots the height of five men. Everything is so lush with vegetation and covered in moss. Tropical palms, ferns and elephant ear leaves larger than life. It feels like the Jurassic Park of plants. There are ponds with monster lily pads, threateningly covered in spines. Lotus flowers the size of dinner plates. And the famous corpse flower, or Rafflesia arnoldii, although not in bloom at the time we visited, still impressive in its almost mythical existence. It only flowers once a year, and is one of the largest flowers in the world. Equally known for its size is the milky white¬†Amorphophallus titanum, with petals unfolding from a central spire. They both have a common smell – the stench of rotting flesh they give off.

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is a weaver of words, storyteller of sustainability and textile traveller extraordinaire. Here you will find stories of textile design, tales of living with a mental health condition and personal travelogues. Enjoy!

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